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Welcome weary traveller to the first official Old Corpse Road Newsletter.

Apologies if you are not interested in this newsletter. We can assure you that this newsletter is not SPAM and will be sent out once a month.

The Journey So Far…
2009 has been an interesting and exciting year thus far for Old Corpse Road. With the release of our first musical output “The Echoes of Tales Once Told” the bands reputation has grown steadily throughout the metal community. The launch of our official website and accompanying MySpace has been met with great interest. Since the release of the “Echoes…” demo we have gained many quality reviews and have received lots of positive comments and feedback from bands and individuals around the world.

Zero Tolerance Magazine
Following an excellent review in Zero Tolerance #29, Old Corpse Road have been given a slot on the latest issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine (Issue #30) which hit the shops on 15th July 2009. A big thanks to Lisa and the ZT crew for all their help and support.

Split EP with Worms of Sabnock
Following the success of the demo Old Corpse Road are proud to announce that a collaboration with Worms of Sabnock is in the works. This is in the form of a split EP due to come out later in the year via Godreah Records. Old Corpse Road are set to include three new tracks; Hob Headless Rises, The Devil’s Footprints and The Witch of Wookey Hole. We raise our pints to Worms of Sabnock and Crin for this great opportunity.

Studio Report
The band are currently deep in the recording process and progress is coming along nicely. All Instruments and vocals are complete and we have moved into the mixing process. Aside from studio madness setting in, the songs are sounding fresh and lively and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

A Call to Arms
Old Corpse Road have been added to the Spirit of Metal  , Metal Archives   and  Last FM online databases. These site allows fans to show their appreciation by becoming a fan as well as rating and reviewing our music. We would appreciate if you could show your support by signing up and adding yourself as a fan. It takes just a few moments to sign up and we'd appreciate your support and reviews.

Farewell travellers, until we meet again…

The Wraiths

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