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Cacophonous Records Signing

Old Corpse Road are proud to announce our induction into the resurrected Cacophonous coven. The dedication and support from a legendary label who brought the world bands such as Bal-Sagoth, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir is incredible. For Cacophonous to have faith in our vision and music is a humbling experience. It is a great honour for the Old Corpse Road moniker to sit alongside many of the bands that inspired our journey. We can't think of a better home for our opus 'Of Campfires and Evening Mists' and we hope our partnership with Cacophonous proves to only strengthen the burgeoning UK black metal scene.

'Of Campfires and Evening Mists' has been a long time project, and is a work of blood, sweat and determination. The band has worked tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of the album, from the artwork to the music, represents our darkened take on British folklore in its purest form. The music flows from fierce black metal through to powerful melodic passages and onto serene yet haunting moments. We have taken time to fully explore the moods and themes of each story, leading to long but enthralling songs.

The Sigil of Herne T-shirt

Earlier this year we launched a brand new t-shirt, the Sigil of Herne, based on the legend of Herne the Hunter. Designed by our drummer The Dreamer, this new shirt is available in classic black and also in light green and dark brown. Sizes range from small to double extra large.

There are presently no girlie sizes but there will be soon, however we urge you to get in touch and we will look at placing an order based on demand.

You can view and by the shirt in our webstore here:

Read more about Herne and the inspiration for the t-shirt here:


Live Dates

More live dates are being booked with many still to be confirmed. In the meantime here's the current list of announced shows:

Sat 30th Apr - Tan Hill Inn - Black Tor Gathering with A Forest of Stars, Burial, Blasphemer and more
Fri 17th Jun - Leeds - Milo with The Infernal Sea, Sidious and Sathamel
Sat 27th Aug - Beermageddon Festival - Bromsgrove
Sat 10th Sep - Nottingham - The Running Horse with Haerken, Red Rum and Atorc
Sat 18th Mar (2017) - Hammerfest

Farewell travellers, until we meet again…

The Wraiths

E-Mail : wraiths@oldcorpseroad.co.uk
Website : http://www.oldcorpseroad.co.uk/
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