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19th May 2014 - The Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Monday Time  19:30 Entry £4.00
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Line Up

WHORION - Fall of Atlas tour hits The Snooty Fox in Wakefield UK.

Date: Monday 19th May 2014
Venue: The Snooty Fox, Wakefield
Age: 18+
Entry: £4 Start: 7.30pm

Ω WHORION Ω (Eternal Sound Records) ( (Whorion was formed in 2009 to make metal that break bones, but at the same time having powerful symphonic elements. The vision was clear - we wanted to create a feeling, that the listener was sucked in dark matter of space, slowly waiting for the worlds end.)

The stage is shared by the following acts;

Old Corpse Road (Godreah Records) ( (The Old Corpse Road was conceived during the autumn season of 2007 during a brief excursion to the Lake District, more specifically Haweswater. This Autumnal break, in celebration of the wondrous and powerful music that we all know as Black Metal, awoke our desire to share our musical passions with other like minded people. The band name was taken from the road of the same name which rises out of the Haweswater valley and leads to Mardale.)

Narcotic Death (Unsigned) ( Female fronted old school death metal band from West Yorkshire, England. The bludgeoning guitars have a thick and ugly tone, rough and rancorous and yet brutally clear, all buzz-saw teeth and sick, diseased chords. The drums cut through the filth and fury with almost reckless abandon, producing a bone-rattling racket that’s both pleasingly organic to listen to, and perversely intoxicating to experience.The grimy, cancerous vocals add the icing to this poisonous cake, delivering their misanthropic magic in a repellent snarl that at times descends into a cavernous growl, before rising to a savage, sulphurous shriek

Necrogrinder (UKEM Records) ( Necrogrinder have their feet firmly rooted in uncompromising death/grind. Formed at the arse-end of 2008. The 'grinder' continue to offer up a backstreet abortion of brutal, groove-laden riffage, crushing blasts & gutteral vocals. Necrogrinder are the tour support selected for this date on the "Fall of Atlas Tour")






The Snooty Fox
1 Brunswick Street
West Yorkshire


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