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December 10th 2010 - The Corporation, Sheffield

Friday Time

19:00 - 23:00

Entry £6.00
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Line Up
Ladies and gentleman we at Errant Tentacles Promotions invite you to amazed, astounded and thoroughly titillated for an evening by inviting you to a night at the masquerade featuring...

Sheffield's very own NORTHERN OAK, who will be headlining the show with their unique brand of progressive folk metal. Seamlessly merging haunting folk melodies with thrashy, black metal inspired riffs to create an evocative sound that will set you...r soul aflame. They will be celebrating the release of their new album 'Monuments' where this will be your first opportunity to not only hear the album live in its entirety but to purchase it as well.

Support will be provided by OLD CORPSE ROAD who will play malevolent black metal, tainted with folk influences, that shall corrupt your innocent ears. Having recently recorded a split with Meads of Asphodel and played the unsigned stage at Bloodstock 2010 they are certainly a band to watch.

Finally your eyes are not safe either, as they shall be stolen by performances from the girls of THE SECRETS OF THE BOUDOIR BURLESQUE throughout the night. With their quarterly performances at the West Street Live receiving rave reviews, they shall set your pulse racing in the most decadent fashion.

We look forward to your attendance, fine attire is very much appreciated but not necessary and don't forgot your masquerade masks!


Milton Street
South York
S1 4JU

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