Heavy Music.Ru Interview - May 2013

Heavy Music.Ru Interview - May 2013


An interview with Old Corpse Road
Where does the road of corpses lead?
At the end of last year, England has created a new spirit, a new legend, a new horror, howling-at-full-throat banshee of symphonic black metal - the group's debut OLD CORPSE ROAD.

Yes, it is successor of Cradle of Filth, with magnificent verses of high poetic level, with the wealth of the vocals from the dark recitatives and a low growl to a high screaming, with female vocals, gothic keys, violent blasts and beautiful medieval melodies. This is the music that cradles abandoned in the late 90's, these are the vocals and the very atmosphere that carries away us to gloomy English castles with tormented spirits and witches. But you can fill in the group and its members - it is a great devotion into English folklore, as well as the taste of the English folk music, expressed in particular in the finest male choirs, as if at the intersection of folk and gregorian chants. But, in general, except that everything is very dark and beautiful, the main thing - it really sense of honesty and dedication to their music, it captures and captivates, it is interesting and just very cool. Do not miss out! In the meantime, read my interview with the musicians.

- Hail! Tell us a brief history of the group.

Hails, Old Corpse Road was born in 2007 only having 2 memebers at the time ; The Bearer and The Dreamer. A full band line up was soon established in early 2008 with the addition of The Revenant, The Wanderer and The Watcher. We began rehearsing material for our first demo which was recorded in late 2008 and released in March 2009 entitled “The Echoes of Tales Once Told”. After receiving many great reviews and excellent feedback from those that purchased it, we were honoured to receive a deal from Godreah Records to record the split CD with The Meads of Asphodel. The band dedicated a lot of time after this to playing live and honing our shows. We have gone on feature on a tribute to Bathory called Voices from Valhalla. Recently, again through Godreah, We have released our debut album 'Tis Witching Hour, As Spectres' We Haunt This Kingdom, which has been very well received by both fans and the press, gaining great reviews in U.K. Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and ZeroTtolerance to mention a few.

- What is about your Name?

The Name Old Corpse Road was conceived during an excursion to the UK lake district by The Dreamer and The Bearer. We came across a footpath known as the Old Corpse Road, and having a keen interest in history and folklore, upon returning home we began researching the path and its history. This lead to the band deciding it would be a great name for our band. For reference, corpse roads were the pathways which used to be used to transport corpses between church and burial ground. These roads and paths were said to be haunted by the spirits of the deceased amongst other spectral entities. From this we took our lyrical direction choosing UK folklore and legends. This appealed to us as it is a rich source of inspiration, full with interesting stories and history from the British Isles.

- Why do you use such nicknames? And tell me, who exactly one of you is responsible for every voice?

Old Corpse Road Is
The Bearer – Guitars, High screams, Low growls, singing vocals

The Dreamer - Drums, singing vocals

The Seer – Guitars, High screams, Low growls, singing vocals

The Wanderer – Bass, Spoken Word singing vocals

The Watcher – Keyboards, Raspy high pitched vocals, singing vocals

Our use of pseudonyms came from our wish for Old Corpse Road to be regarded as an entity in itself regardless of the members names and personalities. However, if we meet someone at a gig for example we are quite open about our real names as you have to draw a line somewhere!

- Why is the debut album did not include as much 8 songs from demo and split with Meads of Asphodel, total length of material for a whole album?:((

Well, just have a lot of new material, and have already decided to use it for debut album.

- Well, then, tell me more about the material on the official debut album. What are about your songs?

The lyrical concepts are fairly self explanatory, with each song we take a folkloric tale (such as Hag of the Mist - a spectral entity that haunted Wales, or Isobel one of the most important figures in Witchlore) and explorer it from an angle that feels natural to use. We stay true to the story and don’t deviate (even if it does mean singing lines that put smiles on peoples faces). With this release the lyrical concepts are all very dark and there is a distinct connection with death and fear. We felt lyrically the album is far more sombre and brooding than our previous works. Throughout the album we chose stories that were traditionally associated with midnight
Musically we were trying to evoke the atmosphere of witching hour a time in which spectres, witches, ghosts, goblins and ghouls ran free and caused chaos while the people slept.

- Whats the music do you listen to yourself?

We listen to a wide variety of music in the band. We are all big fans of the black metal scene and listen to many bands from Emperor to Abigor, Solefald to Negura bunget. I guess we are bigger fans of the early scene than we are of the more contemporary bands however there are still some fantastic new bands out there like Wodesnthrone and A Forest of Stars...
We are also fans of ambient acts such as Dead Can Dance and the Cold Meat Industries roster (like Arcana and Raison Detre).
Other areas of interest are the metal scene in general (everything from Iron Maiden to Cryptopsy to My Dying Bride). Film scores (John Williams) and classical music (Holst) is another area of interest...the list goes on :-)

- You will agree with what I will call you the most main and the best followers of the old Cradle of Filth sound today?

Yes, we have had the comparison drawn to early Cradle of Filth sound as well as other U.K. bands and we can't deny they are a big influence on SOME parts of our music although we have tried to forge our own unique path. We have tried to capture a British sound that is unique, and was pioneered by bands like early Cradle of Filth, Bal-Sagoth and My Dying Bride. As far as explaining exactly what it is that makes it British it’s very hard to say. Maybe it’s the occasional pomp, perhaps the spoken passages we’re not sure, but even to be compared to someone like Cradle of Filth is a fantastic thing for us.

- Are you performing so far only in England? When will be the tours across Europe already?

So far we have only performed in England, however we are always looking for opportunities to play elsewhere, We would love the chance to play across Europe and will no doubt jump on the chance when they arise. The main goal now is to find ourselves a tour manager.

- Do you think, Cradle of Filth know about you? I now think that they are afraid to take you on a tour for the people can absorb you a lot better! really:)

LOL I couldn’t say if they know of us or not, we'd love to know if they have heard of us. I doubt a seasoned, high profile name like Cradle of Filth would be afraid of us :-) We've found nothing but support from the bands we've played with and the U.K metal scene is full of supportive people who just want to keep the scene alive.

- Preparing a new material? Planning the next album in the same vein, I hope?

We are always writing and preparing new material and ideas for the next album are already forming. We like to work naturally and let the music write itself thus avoiding any rush and pressure to finish the next album. The songs we have crafted so far are very much in the same vein as 'Tis Witching Hour, however they have a slightly "different" atmosphere that we are trying to explore, we'll release more information when we get closer to recording.

- In general, what are the group's ambitions and plans?

At the moment we are taking the opportunity to play as many gigs as we can in the hope of promoting our debut album. We would love to play some higher profile gigs and festivals in the near future, and of course we look forward to releasing new material..

- Ok. Well, a few last words to our readers.

Thanks for the interview ! A huge thanks for the ongoing support from the fans, and if you wish to know anything more about us please visit www.OldCorpseRoad.co.uk , follow us on facebook, twitter and most social networks. We hope to see you all on the road at some point.

Old Corpse Road