The Lomax, Liverpool - 7th September 2013

Burning Fist!

Exerpt below:

Now, you might be forgiven in thinking that Old Corpse Road had bussed down fans from their native Darlington, such was the welcome these guys received as they hit the stage, but that would be doing them a huge disservice. Old Corpse Road are no strangers to the gig circuit and have steadily built up a reputation for putting a great show – it was no exception tonight.

Minor technical difficulties aside, the band ploughed straight into “The Cauld Lad of Hylton”, bringing with it a razor-sharp black metal attack! Heads banged, (burning!) fists pumped and the crowd cheered! This is the reason you listen to black metal.

OCR’s songs mix traditional black metal with rousing folk elements, none more so than heard in “The Oakmen of Naddle Forest”, where the chaotic riffs suddenly make way for soulful, poetic rites of passage. Subtle elements like these can so easily be lost when playing live, but here, they just added to the atmosphere.

Finishing off the set with their name sake track “The Old Corpse Road” (a future classic in my eyes!), the band couldn’t do any wrong at this point, and with about 40 minutes of magick played, the crowd clearly wanted more.

In correspondence with the band after the show, say said: “We (Old Corpse Road) were overwhelmed by the fantastic crowd response we received in Liverpool. Andy and Deathwave put on a fantastic show for the fans and all the bands put on stellar performances! We hope to return soon!”