Warhorns Festival 2015

Broken Amp - By Jim Parry-Smith on

With the unfortunate news of four bands having to cancel their appearances for various reasons, Red Rum’s vacated slot goes to Old Corpse Road, a band who are no strangers to this very festival, having performed at Warhorns twice previously. I’ve never been entirely convinced by the Darlington sextet’s gothic black metal approach, yet every time I see them becomes another piece of the puzzle to what will hopefully become their fully realised — and much deserved — bigger picture. Their work ethic and strong fan base have together proven to be their guiding light over the years, and with choice cuts played tonight from acclaimed début album ‘Tis Witching Hour… as Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom, their tales of British folklore are as captivating as they are ear-piercing. Bass guitarist and spoken word vocalist The Wanderer guides the band from the front, and from well-executed keyboard melodies through to the high-pitched black metal screams emanating from various members, all six of the troupe feel fully utilised amongst the sprawling, and often ambitious, compositions. Closing with an older fan favourite, ‘The Old Corpse Road’ induces mass headbanging before receiving a well-deserved ovation.