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Black Metal Agenda Vol.3

The Track "The Witch of Wookey Hole" from the latest split has featured on volume 3 of Black Metal Agenda.

The whole compilation featuring many underground black metal bands is available for free download from the following site:

Check the blog for info on all the Black Metal Agenda compilations to date. Support the underground and check out all of the bands involved.
01. Jehovah (Idn) - War Killer Israhell
02. Botritis Cinerea (Deu) - Absolution
03. Ràzakél Krièg (Gbr) - A Vision Of Solitude
04. Azordon (USA) - Azordon II
05. Empty (Esp) - The Irremediable Sadness Of The Terror Of Hollow
06. Old Corpse Road (Gbr) - The Witch Of Wookey Hole
07. Kantong Simayit (Idn) - Sriwijaya Darkness Monster
08. Old Forest (Gbr) - Hammer Of The Underworld
09. Adnoctvm Blackmetal (Col) - Real Alianza
10. Obor Setan (Idn) - Gerbang Samudera Kehancuran