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UK Legions of Black Metal Vol. 2

The UK Legions of Black Metal & Panzerfaust Productions have joined forces once more to bring you another free compilation cd. This time round it features 10 bands with the Worms of Sabnock, Proxenus & Old Corpse Road all providing exclusive unheard material.

For a free copy just email your address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The full line up:

1). Worms of Sabnock - The Athiest & The Priest (Exclusive)
2). Barad-Dur - The Continuation
3). Ebonillumini - Into Forests So True
4). Teutoburg Forest - As The Ego Dissolves
5). Proxenus - Fear of The Dark (Exclusive)
6). Cunt Witch - Heksen
7). Old Corpse Road - Hell's Kettles (Exclusive demo)
8). Wojna - Barbed Ink Drop Weir
9). Blooddawn - Nailed Fist
10). Whorethorn - The Awakening of Vulfarru