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Terrorizer's Fear Candy 82


01. Killing Joke - End Game                                     [04:39]
02. Grand Magus - I The Jury                                    [04:19]
03. October File - Isolation                                    [05:27]
04. Danzig - On A Wicked Night                                  [04:02]
05. Dead Beyond Buried - Funeral Of The Cursed Men              [04:28]
06. Demiurg - Life Is A Come                                    [04:07]
07. Whitechapel - The Darkest Day Of Man                        [03:00]
08. Soilwork - Two Lives Worth Reckoning                        [04:56]
09. Limbonic Art - Crypt Of Bereavement                         [05:53]
10. Old Corpse Road - The Witch Of Wookey Hole                  [08:06]
11. Kverlertak - Mjod                                           [02:31]
12. Nekromantheon - Devolutionary Storms                        [03:23]
13. Zombie Holocaust - Mootz Ov Ophen                           [04:17]
14. Eminent Scum - Fascist Fashion                              [01:53]
15. Chronocide - Drowning The Innocent                          [04:03]
16. Shrapnel - Warhead                                          [03:48]

68:52 min


No More Apathy Vol.2

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The direct download link is here:

Track listing

02_Mucofloris-Ask The Wasp
03_Lordaeron-Swansong For The Detritus
04_Beautician-What Not To Hear
05_Catharsis Collapse-Parasite
06_Decrepid-Sins Of Sodom
07_Master Warbeast-Ted Danson
08_Chronocide-Children Of Thalidomide
09_Old Corpse Road-The Old Corpse Road
10_Detrimentum-Dominus Detrimentum
11_Skull Branded Pirates-Inside The Inn
12_Poison Dwarf-Witch Piss
13_Trojan Horse-Disciplining The Reserve Army
14_Quiet Rebellion-More Blessed Than Cursed
15_Snow-Sepia Rain
16_Super Intense Corpse Muncher-Chump Destroyer
17_Taken By The Tide-Between Finished
18_Saapss-TnA Live Edit

Black Metal Agenda Vol.3

The Track "The Witch of Wookey Hole" from the latest split has featured on volume 3 of Black Metal Agenda.

The whole compilation featuring many underground black metal bands is available for free download from the following site:

Check the blog for info on all the Black Metal Agenda compilations to date. Support the underground and check out all of the bands involved.
01. Jehovah (Idn) - War Killer Israhell
02. Botritis Cinerea (Deu) - Absolution
03. Ràzakél Krièg (Gbr) - A Vision Of Solitude
04. Azordon (USA) - Azordon II
05. Empty (Esp) - The Irremediable Sadness Of The Terror Of Hollow
06. Old Corpse Road (Gbr) - The Witch Of Wookey Hole
07. Kantong Simayit (Idn) - Sriwijaya Darkness Monster
08. Old Forest (Gbr) - Hammer Of The Underworld
09. Adnoctvm Blackmetal (Col) - Real Alianza
10. Obor Setan (Idn) - Gerbang Samudera Kehancuran


UK Legions of Black Metal Vol. 2

The UK Legions of Black Metal & Panzerfaust Productions have joined forces once more to bring you another free compilation cd. This time round it features 10 bands with the Worms of Sabnock, Proxenus & Old Corpse Road all providing exclusive unheard material.

For a free copy just email your address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The full line up:

1). Worms of Sabnock - The Athiest & The Priest (Exclusive)
2). Barad-Dur - The Continuation
3). Ebonillumini - Into Forests So True
4). Teutoburg Forest - As The Ego Dissolves
5). Proxenus - Fear of The Dark (Exclusive)
6). Cunt Witch - Heksen
7). Old Corpse Road - Hell's Kettles (Exclusive demo)
8). Wojna - Barbed Ink Drop Weir
9). Blooddawn - Nailed Fist
10). Whorethorn - The Awakening of Vulfarru