On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of our Lore

Our new album ‘On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore’ breathes new life into the dark and fecund myths and legends of Englands coasts

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Of Campfires and Evening Mists

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Old Corpse Road

Old Corpse Road have carved their name into the UK black metal scene by producing classic, yet unique British black metal based on the dark folklore of Britain. The Darlington based 5 piece formed in 2007 and take their name from a coffin road in the Lake District. 

Dynamically their music flows from fierce black metal through to powerful melodic passages and onto serene yet haunting moments. The band incorporate a wide range of vocals from traditional black metal shrieks, guttural lows, spoken word passages and epic folk singing. Old Corpse Road bind these elements together to produce a solid yet original take on the black metal sound.

Old Corpse Road have built up a reputation with their intense and atmospheric live performances during their extensive touring in the UK, having shared the stage with bands such as Alcest, Esoteric, Winterfylleth and Heidevolk. They have also made numerous festival appearances including Bloodstock and Hammerfest.


On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore

Released through Trollzorn Records in May 2020


  1. On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore
  2. Harbingers of Death (Voices in the Tempest)
  3. Black Ship
  4. Sea Fire
  5. As Waves Devour Their Carcasses
  6. Demons of the Farne
  7. The Ghosts of the Ruinous Dunstanburgh Castle
  8. WaterLore

Of Campfires and Evening Mists

Released through Cacophonous Records in May 2016


  1. Opening the Circle – Of Campfires and Evening Mists
  2. The Whispers of Long Meg through the Solstice
  3. Herne of Windsor Forest
  4. Pendle – Daughters of the Black Moon
  5. Sorrow through Pendle Woods
  6. The Great Thunderstorm
  7. Peg Powler
  8.  Closing the Circle – Hail and Farewell

'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom

Released through Godreah Records in November 2012


1. ‘Tis Witching Hour
2. The Cauld Lad of Hylton
3. Hag of the Mist
4. The Buried Moon
5. The Wild Voice Came
6. The Crier of Claiffe
7. The Secret of the Rolling Waves
8. Isobel – Queen of Scottish Witches
9. Glassensikes at Witching Hour
10. As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom



Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites

Released through Three Swords Records in May 2014

Released as a coloured vinyl limited to 250 copies.

SIDE A – 6:37
The Infernal Sea – Tannis Root

SIDE B – 6:40
Old Corpse Road – The Sockburn Worm


The Echoes of Tales Once Told

Released through Godreah Records in November 2012


  1. The Old Corpse Road
  2. The Wild Hunt
  3. The Oakmen of Naddle Forest

Bonus Tracks (Tape Edition)

4. Hell’s Kettles
5. The Song of Amergin


Reissued (21/02/2010) on tape limited to 100 handnumbered copies by Darkness Shade Records. The tape features different artwork and 2 bonus tracks not found on the original CD version.

1. The Old Corpse Road 6:37
2. The Wild Hunt 6:46
3. The Oakmen of Naddle Forest 11:22

Bonus Tracks:4. Hell’s Kettles
5. The Song of Amergin
Tape plays all 5 tracks on both sides.

The Bones of this Land are not Speechless

Released through Godreah Records in March 2010

1. Hob Headless Rises
2. The Devil’s Footprints
3. The Witch of Wookey Hole
English Black Punk Metal

4. Intro / On the Surface
5. Same Mind [Doom cover]
6. Nazi [Hellbastard cover]
7. Protest and Resist [Conflict cover]
8. War Drum [Skeptix cover]
9. You Really Got Me [Kinks cover]






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Sigil of Herne


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New Folklore

Hole of Horcum and the Giant Wade

One of the most well-known local tales surrounds the vast natural hollow of the Hole of Horcum. Legend has it that the Hole was made by a giant called Wade who scooped a lump of earth to throw at his wife Bell during an argument, creating the nearby hill of Blakey...

 Lake Gormire

Lake Gormire – the only natural lake in the North York Moors – is cloaked in mystery with some believing it to be bottomless and others that its dark depths hide a submerged town, the rooftops of which can sometimes supposedly be seen by passing walkers.

The Devil and Sutton Bank

The devil makes an appearance in many tales connected to the dramatic landscape of Sutton Bank, be it racing on horseback along the escarpment edge against a Knight, standing astride the gap between Roulston Scar and Hood Hill (known locally as the Devil’s Leap or...

Traditions of Wells

Yorkshire Legends and Traditions of Wells England Springs and wells of water have, in all lands and in all ages, been greatly valued, and in some regarded with a feeling of veneration little, if at all, short of worship. They have yielded their treasure to the...


BUTTONS, BRAS AND PINS (The Folklore of British Holy Wells) By Rowan First published at Lughnasa 1996 Our ancestors were much given to undertaking visits and pilgrimages to various wells, springs and other bodies of water which were reputed locally (and in some cases...


Henbane is one of the legendary "witch" plants, renowned in folklore for its claimed magickal qualities and it features in many of the recipes for witches' flying ointments which have been preserved in the records of the witch trials in an various other sources. The...


The alder is a very ancient tree that has grown in the British Isles for thousands of years. The January tree is easily recognized by its regularly spaced branches and its conical shape. Like the willow, it is a water-loving tree. The timber is oily and...


All apple trees are descended from the crab apple, which was likely the tree mentioned in the tree Ogham, as it grew wild in the British Isles and across much of Europe during the time of the Druids. The apple represents choice and the letter Q (Quert) in the druidic...


N~Nuin~Ash The ash tree has deeply penetrating roots and tends to sour the soil, which makes it hard for any other plants to grow around it. Its branches are thick and strong . The ash can grow to one hundred and thirty feet high. The March tree has distinctive black...


Stachys is a genus of about 300 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants and shrubs in the family Lamiaceae. The distribution of the genus covers Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and North America. Common names include Heal-all, self-heal, woundwort, betony,...


The Dreamer

Percussion and Vocals

Born a long time ago in Hurwoth, The Dreamer trained in brass band music but began playing the drums after wanting to expand his musical horizons. Playing in several metal bands over the years, the Old Corpse Road arose from their ashes and fulfilled his desire to play dark, passionate music with other like minded musicians.

The Revenant

Guitars and Vocals

The Revenant started playing guitar at the age of 15, as a pastime which grew into a full time obsession. At 18 The Revenant joined his first serious metal band, and to the shock of himself and the band he discovered his unique black metal scream.

The Revenant has been very much into art for as long as he can remember. It is on rare occasions you will find him without a pen or pencil in his hand doodling away. These sketches invariably end up becoming a design or the basis for an OCR drawing .

The Bearer

Guitars and Vocals


Born a Leo in August 1984. He first began playing the guitar at the age of 10 and began playing in various metal bands from the age of 11. Inspired by many styles of music but mainly black metal and its associated styles such as ambient and folk music. He enjoys exploring Britain’s natural scenery and is heavily inspired by this. The Bearer gains a lot of inspiration from his fellow band mates and longtime friends.

Metal Archive Profile

The Watcher

Keyboards and Vocals

The Watcher has been a part of the Darlington music scene since 2000 having been vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Anserine formed whilst still in school. Also playing in bands such as Absent Star and the The Apathy Syndrome he soon took up screaming duties. Later he formed along with members other band members the doom drone band Khunnt. After any years searching the Watcher finally found a place where he could express his darker musical leanings, in the form of Old Corpse Road.

The Wanderer

Bass and Spoken Word

During his 10th year the Wanderers interest in music began to take definite shape mixing as many influences as possible from an eclectic mix of genres. Originally trained in the guitar his soul and passion eventually lead him to the bass guitar.

Bands and live experiences were soon required and followed quickly. The Wanderer continues to be pushed forward through the experiences he undergoes, and those of his greatest friends and companions. Taking as much from life and the nature of the world as possible to further his knowledge. He will continue to push his limits always.

The Seer



The Seer started his musical journey aged 13, singing in punk bands and practicing thrash riffs on his guitar. At college he met all the other members of the band, albeit before most of them were fully aquainted with one another, and joined his first metal band along with The Bearer. At college he also discovered his love for both music and technology could be combined, and learned the craft of sound engineering.

Many bands, gigs and years later he would produce all of Old Corpse Road’s output, eventually joining them on guitar as a stand-in during The Revenant’s hiatus, but remaining as a full-time member to this day. His musical influences are diverse, ranging not only across the spectrum of extreme metal, but to indie, folk, experimental, electronica, and other more extreme genres such as breakcore.