Household spirits from the north of England, and similar to brownies and bogies, although their nature is much more malicious and less helpful. They are Brownies that have turned evil, often those who have been wronged by humans.

The dark and hairy boggarts are dressed in tattered clothes, with meddling hands and clumsy feet. The presence of a boggart is betrayed by the unusual number of small accidents and strange noises after dark. They enjoy playing tricks on humans and often cause a great deal of trouble. They tip over milk bottles, frighten cats, pinch little children, blow out candles, and cause many other mishaps. No one has ever found a way to appease them, and often there is no alternative but to quickly and stealthy move to another home. In Manx folklore, it is called a buggane.

A farmer and his family once prepared to leave their home because they had been so tormented by a boggart. Upon learning that the boggart intended to move with them they chose to stay, feeling that it was better to suffer it’s tricks in their own home than in a new one. Eventually it grew tired of  it’s mischeif about that farm and moved on.