Horse Chestnut / Buckeye

The North American species are known as buckeyes and the Eurasian species as horse-chestnuts. Some are also called white chestnut or red chestnut . In Britain, they are sometimes called conker trees because of their link with the game of conkers, played with the nuts, also called conkers. The genus Aesculus, the buckeyes and horse-chestnuts, comprises 13-19 species of deciduous trees and shrubs native to the temperate northern hemisphere, with 6 species native to North America and 7-13 species native to Eurasia; there are also several hybrids. Attracts money and wealth, and can be used to help alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatism when held in the hand. Also useful to have near when performing any act of divination. Just don’t leave them outside on your balcony, or the birds will take them away…they must have magickal properties we are not yet aware of!!!