Ng~NgEtal~Reed or Broom

The broom is a wide, bushy shrub that grows in abundance in the British Isles, and blooms in yellow pod-shaped  flowers. It can grow to seven feet in height, and its stem can grow very  thick and strong. Its branches are often dried and used as brooms (as the name suggests,) and a decoction of young branches and seeds can be used to treat malaria, gout and painful joints. It is also a good diuretic. Oil drawn from the stems (by heating them over and open fire,) can be used to treat
 toothaches, and for the removal  parasites such as lice.

Traditionally the Celts were a nomadic  people. They camped on one place  throughout the cold winter months, and  would break camp in the spring when the  first yellow blooms appeared on the broom. Although it has associations with spring, broom stands for the month  of October in the Ogham Calendar.