Silver Fir

A~Ailim~Silver Fir

The silver fir, from the family  ‘Abies,’ is a variety of pine that grows in the mountainous regions on the  upper slopes overlooking the lower  forests. Firs are known to grow to tremendous heights. Two silver firs planted by the Duke Of Argyll in the early seventeenth century stood untilrecent times, and reached heights of 124 and 130 feet.

The wood from fir trees is used in the making of furniture, and because of the straightness of the trunks, was used in the making of ship masts. It is a  source of turpentine, resin and tar, and a tea made from the shoots can be  used as a protection against urinary tract and kidney infections.

At one time, much of Scotland was covered with these great trees, but now  only small patches of them remain.