The Faeries Dancing Place

When Lanty M’Clusky married he set about building a house for his bride, and chose for it’s site a beautiful green circle such as the faeries might choose as a playground.  Although he was warned against this he thought the place was much too nice and he had no intention of building  elsewhere no matter what the faeries thought of it.

Once the building was done Lanty hosted a housewarming, and invited his freinds and neighbors over for dancing and drinking, and all was going well during the evening  when a noise was heard at the top of the house. It  sounded very much like many little men doing their best to pull down the roof. Then a voice was heard above that noise, advising the unseen workers that they must have  Lanty’s house down before midnight.

Lanty was not at all pleased to hear this and realized he could not defend his home against the ones who wished it gone. He spoke instead, asking the faeries pardon for  building on a place that belonged to them, and asked if they would let him alone for the night he would certainly pull down the house the next morning.

The faeries were greatly pleased to hear this and cheered Lanty, then advised him where on his land he should build his new home. After this they were heard no more.  As for Lanty, when he was digging the foundation for the new house he found a store of gold, and became much  richer for having come into contact with the faeries and listening to their wishes than if he had never met them at all.